Jahki Howard and Aiden Sherrell spotlight 2024’s at DoubleTrouble

Growth is the name of the game when your young and talented. Recognition of your deficiencies and working towards improving them
Is the sign of player that understands the end goal. When I heard people talk about Jahki Howard it was his athleticism that got all the attention. As you know, being athletic early is a gift and a curse, its the shiny object.

Howard undoubtedly is one of the most athletic guards in the country but that attribute alone was not gonna take him to higher places, he needed to improve his jumper outside of his pull-up. I saw the growth yesterday as he knocked down consistent jumpers outside the line. Yes, he still gives those whoa moments with his bounce but the jumper is really rounding out his game!

Howard comes into this season as a top 10 prospect but his Norcross HS teammate Aiden Sherrell comes in with less shine but that’s about to change. Sherrell will remind you of LeMarcus Aldridge with his ability to score at the mid post and face up 17 footers. The 6-10 forward has the pieces and physical attributes to his game that can make him a national prospect. As with all these young players, how much do you want it and how willing are you to sacrifice to get there. Stay tuned.

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