BE Elite Invitational

This year the BE Elite Invitational from top to bottom may have been the best John Lucas High School camp to date. The camp had good size and very good athleticism. The intensity started from day one and lasted to the final game. There were a lot of young players I was familiar with that didn’t disappoint and we hand quite a few surprises. I was so impressed with the talent, that the evaluations will come in two parts.

Part One

2025 Mikel Brown 6’ PG (Sunrise Academy) Orlando, FL

This young fella is one of the smoothest point guards that I’ve seen in a while. He looks very unassuming but don’t let that fool you. He’s a pit bull. He has outstanding handles and the ball looks like an extention of his body. You can’t speed him up and he always look under control. He plays with great vision and awareness. The icing on the cake is his in the gym range. He can shoot from anywhere on the court and looks effortless.

2024 VJ Edgecomb 6’5 SG (Long Island Lutheran) Miami, FL

Coming into the camp, I had heard good things about Edgecomb and he more than delivered. He had incredible energy and played with great enthusiasm. He was good at getting to the basket and finishing above the rim with either hand. He had a nice looking jumper from mid-range and knocked down the occasional trey ball. His change of direction in traffic is what separated him from a lot of players in camp. The nice thing was, he matched that same energy on the defensive end.

2025 Akai Fleming 6’4 SG (Osborne High) Marietta, GA

I saw Fleming early this summer and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t warranting more media attention. Had to scratch my head. He showed he can easily play the 1,2 and 3 this weekend without a drop in production. He makes it all look easy. He navigates easily through traffic and finishes at the rim in a variety of ways. He knows how to use the glass, dropping many teardrops along the way. He has a sweet mid-range stroke and had no problem knocking down the deep ball. For a big guard, his passing and court visions are his major assets. He definitely made his teammates better and has a tremendous upside.

2025 Mazi Mosley 6’4 SG (St. Francis) Sherman Oaks, CA

This was one of the biggest surprises in camp. Mosley is very talented and put his stamp on the camp getting into the lane with his silky smooth finishes, not allowing his slight build to deter him. He had a sweet stroke and scored on all three levels. He just made positive play after positive play. He’s definitely going to be a problem in the future.

2025 Sebastian Williams-Adams 6’8 G/F (St. Johns) Houston, TX

Williams-Adams is built like a grown man and plays like. He’s big, strong and athletic. With all that being said, he’s also highly skilled. He literally can play all 5 positions and did it. Although he has the size to play bully ball, it was his skill set that I left impressed with. He handled the ball like a PG and showed he can go around or through you. I watched him drop dime after dime with relative ease. He had a four possession sequence where he gave his opponent buckets in a variety of ways, as is said, all three levels.

2024 K.Annor Boateng 6’5 G/F (Little Rock Central) Little Rock, AR

Boateng is a physical player that enjoys playing with contact. He was aggressive all weekend, utilizing his size and strength, while showing patience getting to his spots. Most of his damage was done playing downhill but he seemed real comfortable pulling up from deep. He needs to tighten up his handles and that should come with work. One thing you can’t teach a kid is to play with the toughness he plays with…a BATTLE CAT. That being said, defense is his calling card, consistently putting the offensive player on their heels throughout the weekend. 

2025 Juan Guerro-Hernandez 6’3 G (Garfton High) Madison, WI

This young player was problem all weekend. He’s quick and bouncy, playing with a motor and attitude from start to finish. Not being brash, he stated he was coming to make a statement and he did. He has a great first step and is a blur to the basket. 

2024 Jordan Vick 5’11 PG (Southern Nadh) Bailey, NC

He’s by far one of the quickest point guards in the class. His speed is a major asset and he brings some nice bounce to the table. If you turn your head he’s by you, getting to any spot he wanted to all weekend. Now when his jumper is on and it was most of the weekend, he becomes a major problem for anyone trying to guard him. On the defensive end he can be a headache when he wants to and with his defensive instincts can be a major disrupter on that end. like to see him become more consistent on that end.

2025 Jaxon Prunty 6’6 G/F (Francis Bradley) Charlotte, NC

He was one of the kids I really wanted to get a good look at. I had some mixed reviews on him prior to the camp but that was eliminated after this weekend, the kid can play. I loved his energy from the start of camp and he played like he was on a mission. He has solid ball handling skills and a real good feel for the game. He seemed to make the right play over and over again and can score in a variety of ways.

2024 Dink Pate 6’8 G/F (Pinkston High) Meaquite, TX

There’s no question how talented this young man is. With his length, size and athleticism he’s a problem. The only problem is, he’s only a problem when he wants to be a problem. He can play multiple positions. It seemed like when he wanted to dominate he did and showed the whole package. He navigated through traffic and finished above the rim. He knocked down back to back three’s with ease. He showed his passing ability and dropped a few dimes. If he can stayed tuned in throughout a game, he’s a major problem but that’s his speed bump right now, he must stay connected.

2025 Nigel Walls 6’9 F (St. Francis Episcopal) Houston, TX

You can tell Walls stays in the lab because his footwork is outstanding. He showed every move you want from a 6’10 player. This young man’s growth over the years has been incredible. He seems to be getting stronger, finishing at the basket it’s with authority and power. He’s stepping out and knocking down jumpers as well. On the defensive end he’s making himself more of a presence. When it’s all said and done he has the potential to be one of the most productive players in his class.

2027 Tyrone Jamison 6’ G (Calvary Baptist Academy) Shreveport, LA

I haven’t seen a lot of the 2027 class but if their are players more talented then this young fella, I would love to see them. I like his length, energy and definitely his enthusiasm. He’s very poised for his age. He didn’t get caught up trying to prove he belonged in the camp. He has handles and really sees the court. He showed good shooting range and touch as he knocked down floaters. This young fella has special all over him.

2026 Chidi Nwigwe 6’6 G/F (Bergen Catholic) Monroe, NY

I’ve seen a lot of players in the 2026 class and if you tell me he isn’t one of the top players in the class somethings wrong. He’s long, athletic and skilled. He plays beyond his years, being very patient with the ball while picking his spots to be aggressive. He played with same motor on both ends and showed he can guard multiple positions. Most of his damage on the offensive end was done in the paint but showed he could knock down the trey and looked good doing it.

2023 Parrish Johnson Jr. 6’5 G (Kell High) Marietta GA

Johnson has finally come all the way out his shell and understands he’s a baller. He’s aggressive on both ends, attacking the basket and finishing with authority. On the defense end he was aggressive and imposing his will on players. He can score at all three levels and shot the three on a much higher level. He’s definitely a sleeper in this 2023 class.

2024. Jamie Vinson 6’10 F (Oak Hill Academy) Auston, TX

He shows a lot of potential but needs to become more consistent. He showed at times why colleges are very intrigued with him. He’s long, very mobile and has some nice skills. He showed a good touch from mid-range. He had decent handles for his size but got in trouble a number of times doing too much with his dribble. If he stays in the lab and stays focused I can see his game making major strides.

2026 Elijah Garrett  6’ G (West Brook High) Beaumont, TX

Garrett has all the tools to be a special player. He’s lightning quick and has very good handles. He plays with a lot of energy on both ends and is a disrupter on defense. He showed he can knock down the three while not settling and getting to the rim. As with most young players he has to work on doing it consistently. He made a number plays during camp that left me in awe but in the next breadth doing too much and getting himself into trouble spots. The young fella oozes talent and when he becomes more patient his game will take off.

2024 Jackson Washington 6’4 SG (Chaminade Julienne) Springboro, OH

If there was a more impressive shooter in the camp, I missed him. His stroke from deep was incredible, even his misses looked good. What probably was most impressive was when the defense realized what I saw and got to his shot more aggressively he attacked the close-out and finished at the rim. He definitely stretches the floor.

2026 DeAaron Watkins 6’7 F (Madisonville North Hopkins) Madisonville, KY

This young fella seems to get better and better every time he plays. I think he’s starting to see his potential. He’s physical and knows how to make space in the paint. He finishes aggressively in the paint, utilizing both hands to finish or with the dunk. His handles are starting to tighten up and his jumper is steadily improving. He’s good on the glass but has the body and the ability to be more dominant as he moves forward in his career.

2024 Hudson Ward 6’7 (Western Canada Prep) Edmonton, Alberta

The surprise of the camp. This young fella was by far the most aggressive player in attendance. It seemed like every time he was in the lane, there was an attempted dunk, most to completion. He played with physicality and it showed in his finishes, giving his opponent two bumps and the basket. That being said, he had no problem knocking down the trey. He was tough on defense and contested most the shots that came his way.

Darnell “Tate’ Johnson