Arrinten Page ready to breakout

The old adage of bigs develop slowly is appropriate when talking about 2023 6-9 F Arrinten Page (Wheeler HS). Page has had a slow steady path as he’s grown from a guard in middle school to a skilled forward that will be a big part of the 2021 edition of the Wildcats.

Page made some impressive plays during the DoubleTrouble exposure weekend where he was able to capitalize on his early guards skills to create off the dribble, finishing with both hands in the lane, while showing his ability to knock down shots. 

The consistent desire to dominate on the defensive end and staying engaged without the ball will be key in furthering his development. The physical tools are there for him to be in the Top 50 conversation, showing that every time on the floor is his challenge.

Page currently has offers from Georgia State, Georgia Southern and Kennesaw State but expect others to follow when that consistent effort kicks in.

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