Unsigned Seniors

The Pandemic has affected high school players across the nation with college coaches unable to physically lay eye’s on players. This situation was exasperated by the NCAA allowing a mulligan on this season, leading to many players returning for a fifth season thus creating a logjam for entering freshmen. Georgia is no exception, here a seven among others that are still available.

6-4 CG Jaden Harris (Norcross HS) Tough, downhill guard with good stroke three and nice pull-up game. Harris can defend 1-3, rebounds his position and has surprising athleticism . You can catch Harris with High Major out of Arizona this Spring, which features the Thompson twins, and has been a major contributor to their success.

6-6 W BJ Wright (Wayne County HS) One of the more unknown players in the state, Wright can hurt you in many ways. He can be your playmaker in spells, showing an ability to create for others. He’s a solid shooter with improving range, rebounds it and can finish through contact and above the rim.

5-8 PG AJ White (Chattahoochie HS) One of the leading scorers in the state throughout his high school career, utilizing his ability to shoot it deep and change of pace to get into the lane for floaters and pull-ups. White is more scorer than facilitator which may have slowed his recruiting but the kid has scored over 2,000 points, won a state championship and has shown signs of a more complete floor game.

6-4 PG Madison Durr (Pace Academy) Big, defensive point guard with leadership qualities. Durr leads with his play on the floor and voice as he keeps his teammates connected to the game. Rebounds it well, body to finish through contact and has shown an improving jumper.

6-3 CG Garrison Powell (Holy Innocents Episcopal) Slashing wing who excels in transition and motor to be disruptive on the defensive end. More shot maker than shooter at this point but has shown improvement in that area. As most of the players listed, and others that are not, Powell is leaning heavily to a post grad year. Stay tuned.

6-8 PF Isaac Abide (Albany) Athletic forward, with improving stroke from 17-feet. Transitions well from end to end with the awareness to be a very good help side shot-blocker. More a defensive presence on the floor but has improved scoring ability in the paint with jump hook and mid area jumper.

6-1 PG Travis Burrus (South Cobb) One of the best ball defenders in the region. Burrus can disrupt opposing offenses with his ball pressure. Gets paint touches for floater game and kick outs to shooters. Run your team point guard. Tough!

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