Norcross Tip-Off Classic

By Nicholas Prime

As Prime is always looking for young talent that’s #ALLIN4BALLIN! It’s not often that I get entertained. However, this Classic was one of talent discovery, confirmation for some and high flying enjoyment as well. 

It started with GreenForest!

I heard about them, but I have finally seen Georgia’s TWIN TOWERS (both 7’ footers)… And they delivered!!!
While Manyiel-Dut (#12) & Atem (#21) are entertaining, they provide true value on both ends… First things first, SHOT BLOCKER ALERT!!! SHOT BLOCKER ALERT!!! Dominant Big Men with a defensive presence in the paint. Atem, has a stronger defensive presence and a more developed BBAL body (220lbs). He is comfortable going hard to the hoop and absorbing contact. He will bring solid value at the next level. Development area’s include work on the mid range and turnaround jumper. 


Chauncey Wiggins – Brings good height (6’9) and he is comfortable on the mid range jumper… Smooth steady hand on offense and efficient on the post up… In addition, his stroke is consistent across the court (including the perimeter). On the Real… Believe the Press on this BALLER!* signed to Clemson.


Jalani Reynolds – This young man was somewhat of a welcomed surprise. He brings an incredible amount of high energy that lifts the team and is a strong defender. A true disrupter! In addition, he demonstrated a nice quick release on his mid range jumper… He is definitely worth a next level look. Development: Less dialogue with the refs and more focus on the court… 😎

Isaiah Collier – TOP 20 PLAYA ALERT 🚨 A true field general with the ability to consistently score and keep his team in the game. Comfortable creating off the dribble and demonstrates a high BBALL IQ (I don’t see that often!). Collier showed a much improved stroke from downtown, hitting multiple from behind the line, and the ability to score on mid-post opportunities. He’s not afraid to take over the game but keeps his team involved. Without question: HE IS THE PULSE OF THE TEAM!!! 


Unfortunately, it was a tough night for NORCROSS. However, as the season progresses their team grit, consistency, and resilience should get stronger.

Mier Panoam – This young man is a very consistent field general that pushes the ball at a fast pace. His skills are setting an aggressive tone, getting his players involved, quick off the dribble, and not a stranger to the double double… As his BBALL IQ continues to develop, it will better enable him to transition back and forth from the 1 to the 2. He was a bright spot in a stormy night for NORCROSS. His effort was highlighted by his “Rim Rockin” House Calls… 

Jerry Deng – Normally, this young man is very effective on and off the boards, consistently active in the paint, very athletic, and works well without the ball. However, it was a dim Saturday night and his shot was not falling. Even in the midst of the storm, he played hard on the defensive end and kept the intensity consistent. Development: continue to work on consistent mid range shot 


The Newton Rams controlled the game from start to finish… And never looked back!!! Just to be clear, they were flying through the air like “Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus!!! We saved the best for last.

Jakai Newton – You had my interest… Now you have my attention!!! Fearless shooter that was sinking shots in the mid range, behind the line, and going hard to the hole. Also, can create off the dribble… Must have been “putting in the work” in the off-season because he looked fantastic. PRIME LOVES BALLAZ THAT PUT IN THE WORK!!!*Committed to Indiana

Stephon Castle – One of the elite players in the state and country had an overall strong game. Tenacious defender that has a good athletic BBALL body. He demonstrated good stamina/conditioning to consistently run the court and finish plays started with a connected Newton County defense. Consistent scorer on the mid and deep jumper. Castle has squarely put his name in the conversation as to the top player in Georgia’s 2023 class.

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