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Jahki Howard and Aiden Sherrell spotlight 2024’s at DoubleTrouble

Growth is the name of the game when your young and talented. Recognition of your deficiencies and working towards improving themIs the sign of player that understands the end goal. When I heard people talk about Jahki Howard it was his athleticism that got all the attention. As you know, being athletic early is a …

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Iverson Classic

Iverson Classic UCAAG Alumni Holmgren, Foster, Banchero, Davison and Hatfield Didn’t Disappoint The May 7th All-American Game, held in Memphis featured some of the nations top seniors. Four of the top players in the Iverson Classic Game, including MVP Chet Holmgren, were standouts as sophomore’s in the 2019 UnderClassman All-American Game held in Atlanta. Chet …

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Unsigned Seniors

The Pandemic has affected high school players across the nation with college coaches unable to physically lay eye’s on players. This situation was exasperated by the NCAA allowing a mulligan on this season, leading to many players returning for a fifth season thus creating a logjam for entering freshmen. Georgia is no exception, here a …

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