TD Prep’s leader looks prime for a big year

Most of the time that I cover athletes, the focus is on that specific time and place or a highlighted tournament/showcase. However, it’s more rewarding to see the progressive growth and development of an athlete, such as Zach Bell.

He is clearly the team leader and an improved floor general utilizing his explosive first step to create opportunities for himself and his teammates. His athleticism doesn’t stop on the offense end, it compliments his length and anticipation to be a problem on the defensive end and as a rebounding guard.

Last night Bell hit for a double-double with 30+ buckets, mostly with his explosive forays to the basket. However, it was good to see him find some consistency with his jumper.

Currently, FAU is looking at Zack. However, this is early in the season and I anticipate there will be other schools knocking at his door.

Carpe Diem!

Author – Nicholas Prime 

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