Once again the John Lucas All Star Weekend was loaded with good teams. It was a national coming out party for a few players. They may have been on the radar but they exploded this weekend.  (Coaches next year please get rosters in if you want your kids noticed and recognized by scouts)

Below are a few players who really represented.

2027 Ahmad Hudson F (Houston Hoops-Nene) The big fella is very athletic and physical. He plays above the rim for such a young age. I really like how he runs the floor and is aggressive on both ends in the paint.

2027 Isaiah Santos  F (Houston Hoops-Nene) He is very versatile. He can dominate in the paint and hurt your from deep. He plays physical and can also finesse you. He made some big shots all weekend.

2027  Royce Shelton  G (Houston Hoops-Nene) He’s a very good floor general that gets his players involved. He seemed to consistently make the right play. He knew when it was time to take over and he made big shots.

2027 Martay Barnes G (Tre Mann Elite) It was a national coming out party for this young man. He plays with great pace and energy. He can hurt your deep are dominate you going to the basket. He has a non-stop motor and competed from start to finish. He has special written all over him. 

2027 O’Neal Delancy G (Tre Mann Elite) His game just continues to grow. He can play on are off the ball. He can hit you from deep are get to the cup. He’s tenacious and plays to win. He’s a very good on ball defender.

2027 Aaron Britt G (Tre Mann Elite) He has in the gym range. He was by far one of the best shooters of the weekend. He knocked down contested 3’s from NBA range. He wasn’t just a one dimensional player. He also had the mid range game and could get to the basket.

2027 Keshab Bijah F (JL3 Elite) He’s poised and plays under control. He has an inside out game. Has a game that doesn’t get ahead of himself. He was very consistent all weekend.

2027 Aiden Fyfe G (JL3 Elite) A very strong guard that liked to get to tue cup and score. He is streaky from 3 but knocked down some big ones. He was a good on ball defender 

2027 Aidan Gross G (Upside Athletics) He was a quick and heady point guard. He played downhill most the weekend. He was a good defender and played lanes. 

2027 Jamil Adelagun G (TMA Elite) He was long and athletic and heady guard. He can guard multiple positions. He’s a streaky shooter but can score around the bucket in a multiple of ways.

2028 James Turner  G (Houston Hoops Red) A real strong physical guard that played with a pit bull mentality. He had very good handles and I really liked how he saw the court. 

2028 James Turner G (Houston Hoops Red) For a kid his age he had deep, deep range from 3. He also showed he could knock down the contested 3 and that’s big for a young kid.

2028 Tucker Shannon G (Awake Basketball) I really liked his feel for the game. He was quick and had outstanding vision. He would sometime over dribble but had very good handles. He knocked down the occasional 3.

2028 Channing Fuller F (Awake Basketball) He is a crafty lefty who can stroke it from deep and had a nice midrange. He seemed to very confident. He needs to be more consistent on the defensive end but has the ability to be a very good defender.

2030 Ray Peterson G (JL3 Elite) The young fella plays with a lot of energy and was good at getting to the basket. He has a nice upside.

2030 Kingston Perkins F (JL3 Elite) The young fella has been working on his game. He’s worked on his handles and his agility. He was good at getting the basket just needs to do a better job of finishing.

2030 Addison Bohac (Trae Young Elite) The young fella was shifty and crafty. I like the way that he broke the press and looked up. He didn’t get rattled often and showed he could shoot from deep.

2030 Rocco Harris (Trae Young Elite) He was intense and played very quick. He tended to get out of control at times and did to much but for a 5th grader the young man’s very talented.

2027 Kevin Eduo G (TNBA Jayhawks) He was a strong guard that physical imposed his will. He was scoring machine. He was hard keeping out the paint and did knock down the occasional 3.

2027 James Nowell F (TNBA Jayhawks) He was one of the few big men that knew they way to dominate was in the paint. He showed good footwork and worked hard on the glass. 

2027 Blake Wilson G (Texas Summit) He was a quick shifty guard that loved getting in the paint and making things happen. He was streaker shooter from deep. He was a very good defender and guarded 94 feet.

2028 Kaleb Tasby G/f (Team Ferrari Elite) He’s a long lefty wing that can score in a variety of ways. He’s very crafty and just has a good feel for the game.

2028 Soane Hola F (Team Ferrari Elite) He has great size for his age and moves well. He stays active on both ends and makes things happen. He very good at getting to the basket and finishing are ending up on the free throw line. 

2028 Jojo Rose G (Team Ferrari Elite) The lefty can flat out ball. He can hit your from deep are finish you off at the basket. He’s very good at making difficult shots. 

Other notable standouts:

2027 Marc Dadlani G (Powerhouse Black)

2027 Colton Sembower G (Powerhouse Black)

2027 Chance Green G (Houston Hoops-Nene)

2027 Michah Malone F (Houston Hoops-Nene)

2027 Gabe Grimsley G (Tre Mann Elite)

2027 Ti Scott G (Next Level 360)

2027 Aaron Britt G/F (Tre Mann Elite)

2029 Timothy Young (Trae Young Elite)

2030 Ray Perterson G (JL3 Elite)

2030 Chad Harvey G (JL3 Elite)

2030 Darren Ford G (HUB)

Story by: Darnell “Tate” Johnson

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